What Does PPS 6180 Mean? (Number You Are Trying To Call Is Not Reachable)

Facing PPS 6180 when trying to call someone? Nobody wants to face such errors when trying to call someone, but there can be unfortunate times when you try to call someone and you are prompted with PPS 6180, ‘The number you are trying to call is not reachable.’

If this error leaves you wondering what the error is and what you can do to fix this, then you are at the right place.

This guide will tell you everything about PPS 6180 and what steps can be followed to fix this issue.

What Is PPS 6180, And What Causes This Error?

PPS 6180 error
PPS 6180 error

A user with a prepaid SIM card can recharge their phone with credits which can be used to call someone else.

When the credit limit is reached, and the recharge is exhausted, users will be devoid of incoming and outgoing calls. When this happens, users will hear a recording from the service provider that will be encoded with PPS 6180 code.

But what else can cause this issue apart from an exhausted credit limit? There are various reasons why you can hear voice messages encoded with PPS 6180, such as-

  • When you try to call a person and their phone is switched off then you will hear the voice message, you will hear the voice message encoded with PPS 6180 code.
  • If you call a number with poor network coverage, that can also cause this issue.
  • If the number is out of service or banned, you may also face this PPS 6180 error. This generally happens when the number is inactive for a very long time.
  • You can also encounter this number when calling a fake or incorrect number.
  • Another reason to face this issue is Don’t-Call-Back numbers. These are generally the numbers of businesses that can call you, but you cannot call them back.
  • You can also face this error when the person you are trying to call has rejected your call.

How To Get Rid Of PPS 6180 Error?

If you have been facing this error message, then you can get rid of it by following the steps given below-

1. Call After Sometime

As discussed above, you can face this error when the person you are trying to reach is out of network, when their phone is switched off, or when they reject your call. You can wait for some time, and you will be able to call the person again. If you still hear the voice prompt, try the next method in this article.

2. Get The Correct Number

You can also face this error if you are trying to call an incorrect number. Double-check the number you dial to ensure you enter the correct digits.

If you are dialing the number given to you, your friend probably gave you the incorrect number. You can meet the person or contact them through their social media handle and ask them to give you the correct number.

Also, if their number is out of service or banned by the service provider, you can ask the person to give an alternate number to contact them.

3. Ask The Person To Unblock You 

You can also get the PPS 6180 error code when the person you call has blocked you. When you are blocked, you will hear one ring, and then you will hear the voice prompt. This will happen every time you try to call the person. You can ask the person to unblock you when you meet them or through their social media handle. You can call the person with any alternate number you have that is unknown to them.

4. Call Them On Social Media App

There are various social media apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc, where you can call your friends. If you are connected to the person on any social media platform, you can call them on that social media. This way, you can call the person even if their SIM is out of service or banned or if there’s any other issue with their SIM card.

Not only this, you can call the person if they are in an out-of-network region. However, both the receiver and the caller must have a stable internet connection to make and receive social media calls.

5. Text The Person

If you cannot call the person and have something urgent to tell them, then it is obvious you won’t wait for some time. You can text the person you are trying to call so that they can get your message and call you as soon as they get it.

Final Words

Usually, PPS 6180 voice prompt is heard when there’s some issue when calling the person. We have discussed all the reasons why you can face this error and what you can do to fix this issue.  

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