6 Must Have App Categories to be installed on Your Laptop

One of the key things that you should have on your laptop has to be the available applications.

Some of the built-in tools that are part of the operating system usually come in quite handy, but they are hardly enough, even for the most casual rulers.

Naturally, there are paid apps and free apps. Unless you really need something specific, like upgrading to a version that offers some premium features, you should be fine with just the free options.

Besides, there are plenty of instances when you encounter an application that costs a lot of money, but you can find an alternative that offers pretty much the exact same thing but for free.

Having said all that, if you are still relatively new when it comes to laptop applications, knowing about some of the most popular categories should give you an idea of what you can look at the next time you are thinking about new apps on your device.

1. Cleanup Apps

Running out of storage is one of those issues that are easy to overlook, especially if you do not have the habit of checking the computer’s space regularly.

Cleanup apps also come in handy when you want to improve the overall performance of your device by getting rid of unnecessary junk.

You might stumble upon a recommendation for an app that you hear about from someone you know, for instance. A personal recommendation is usually solid if the person recommending it had a great experience with the application.

But then again, you can also view some alternative apps just to see what is available.

And keep in mind that this approach should be considered not just for cleanup applications. Other app categories are easier to navigate through when you have a reference.

2. Time Tracking Apps

Apps that track your time can come in useful for multiple reasons. Let’s say that you are working in an arrangement that pays you by the hour. It is more or less necessary to keep a close eye on the hours and minutes you spend working. 

A proper tracking tool automates the process and minimizes potential errors that you are likely to make if you were to track the time manually.

Moreover, some laptop users might have a bit of an issue of spending too much time on their computer. And this is where a tracking tool comes in, warning you about the time spent on the laptop.

3. Media Players

Even though many people rely on streaming services to consume media nowadays, there are still plenty of us who like to keep the files on our laptops and use a media player. 

Be it music, movies, or TV shows, if you have a media file on the laptop, you can launch it and watch it at your own convenience.

The best and arguably most simple media players like VLC are free, so it is one of those app categories you do not have to worry about when it comes to spending money.

4. Video Games

In a way, video games are not necessarily applications but rather their own entities. Nevertheless, they can be considered apps, and if you want to find a way to entertain yourself while spending time on the laptop, then why not play some video games?

Running high-end games might be a challenge if your laptop is outdated, but even if that is the case, you still have a plethora of indie games that run even on old laptops.

5. Finance Apps

Not everyone has enough fiscal literacy to keep track of their expenses etc., without the use of applications.

It can be difficult to figure out how much you are exactly spending on certain things. If you are unhappy with your current financial situation despite having a job with a good salary, something must be wrong with your spending habits.

Once you get everything in check and see the concrete information in front of you, making decisions to get your finances in order becomes much easier. A proper app that helps you with this problem is quite handy.

6. Health Apps

Those who are unhappy with their health should do everything they can to improve it. However, it is hard to find the necessary motivation and push through, especially if there is nobody around to help you out.

An app that tracks your progress and shows immediate results might be just the answer you are looking for. 

Get an app that you can install on a laptop and submit your progress each day. The miles you walked, the pushups you did, the exact amount of calories you consumed, and so on. 

Keeping track of everything can be a hassle, but it builds discipline and pushes you forward, which is probably one of the things you have been lacking.


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