What Does ‘The Person You Are Calling Has Not Set Up Voicemail’ Mean?

the person you are calling has not set up voicemail

Hearing the voice prompt ‘The person you are calling has not set up voicemail’ when calling someone? Voicemail is an essential feature available in most phones (Android and iPhone) in the market right now. If someone has set up voicemail, anyone calling them can record a voice message stored on their device or cloud if … Read more

10 Tips for Prolonged Computer Use to Stay Happy and Healthy

Avoid Health issues from prolonger computer usage

Many of us find ourselves spending extended hours in front of computer screens. Whether for work, study, or leisure, prolonged computer use can affect our health and well-being. From eye strain to musculoskeletal issues, it’s essential to prioritize our physical and mental health while using computers.  How to Avoid Potential Health Issues This article will … Read more