What Does 999-999-9999 Mean On Your Verizon Bill?

Your Verizon bill will show you all your charges, including your monthly charges, plan charges, device payment, and recurring charges. Not only the Verizon Bill shows your charges, but also the incoming and outgoing calls on your number. 

While viewing their Verizon bill, many users have encountered the 999-999-9999 number mentioned on their bill. But what is this number, and why is it mentioned on my bill? Let’s discuss what 999-999-9999 means on your Verizon bill. 

Why Am I Seeing 999-999-9999 On My Verizon Bill?

You will see 999-999-9999 for the recent calls that have not been resolved. All calls you get or have made within 24-48 hours of bill generation will be shown as 999-999-9999. After some time (a few hours or days), you can see the number on the bill. 

Verizon 999 999 9999 meaning
Verizon 999 999 9999 meaning

If you are seeing 999-999-9999 for a call that is not recent, then that means that the user has blocked their caller ID; that’s why you cannot see their number in the bill. 

Similarly, text logs have shortcuts that you might see on your bill. These shortcodes indicate the service you have subscribed to or the notifications from the app. Some common shortcodes you may encounter are 32665 (for Facebook) and 40404 (for Twitter).

Can The Calls Be Removed From The Bill?

No, the calls cannot be removed from the bill. Any call you have made or received on your phone will be mentioned in the Verizon bill. It is to follow all the legalities; they cannot remove the call log from the bill. You have no power or control over your bill and the records mentioned on it. 

You can request the service provider to edit or remove a particular call. You will have to tell them the situation due to which the call is not to be mentioned in the bill, and it is up to them whether they decide to remove it from the bill or not. 

Can I Hide Incoming And Outgoing Numbers On The Bill?

There is no way to hide an incoming and outgoing call on your bill. However, if you don’t want your number to appear on the bill to the recipient, you can use the *67 code before dialing the number. When you do so, this will make your number private. When you call the number with the *67 code, the recipient will see your call as Private Number. 

This will hide the number when you call someone, and they won’t see your number on their bill as well. Their bill will have your number as 999-999-9999. However, the call you made will appear on your bill, and that will not be hidden. If you get a call from a private number, their number will be hidden from your bill. 

Does My Service Provider Record My Messages?

Your service provider will record any text messages you have sent from your phone or got on your phone. Your SMSs are transparent and are not encrypted by the service provider. They might access your messages without you being aware of it. However, there are usually laws that protect you from getting those messages leaked.

Messaging apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, etc., are recommended for private communication. Unlike the traditional messaging app, your messages are encrypted on these messengers and safe. 

Also, you are charged for all the SMS you send, so it is obvious for the SMS to appear on your bill. When you use messenger apps like WhatsApp and Facebook, you will see the data used on your bill but not which app is used the most, and your chats will not be recorded. 

Final Words

We hope now you know what is 999-999-9999 number that appears on your Verizon mobile bill. You need not worry about seeing this number on your bill; this number will soon be replaced by the actual number only if the number is not private. 

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