What are com.google.chrome files? Can you delete them?

When we talk about com.google.chrome files and why they are present on your phone, we need to understand where they come from.

So com.google.chrome files are generated by the Google Chrome browser on your Android device and they are present on your phone only if you have the Chrome browser installed on your phone or had installed it in the past.

What are com.google.chrome files? Can you delete them?

what are com.google.chrome files
what are com.google.chrome files

Basically, the com.google.chrome files are nothing but cache files that are stored on your phone and serve no purpose at all.

On the topic of whether you can delete them or not, we think that there is no problem if you want to delete them.

Also, you can delete them whenever you want but they do store cache memory for Google Chrome so your websites load faster.

Due to that, we recommend deleting these files only when you are short of memory on your phone because otherwise, they are not harming you.

Does the com.google.chrome files contain viruses?

No, it is safe to say that com.google.chrome files don’t contain any kind of virus as they are only junk and cache files generated by the Google Chrome browser and nothing else.

What is the size of com.google.chrome files?

Talking about the size of com.google.chrome files, they vary widely depending on your phone, browser usage as well as when it was installed on your phone.

For example, if you recently installed the Google Chrome browser then the com.google.chrome files will be fairly light and they would only be in kilobytes.

However, we have seen that some users noticed that their com.google.chrome files were in gigabytes which is quite a lot and definitely impacts storage space.

In that case, you should definitely delete these files as they are not serving any purpose and rather takes up crucial storage space.

Can you delete com.google.chrome files?

Yes, you can delete the com.google.chrome files whenever you want because as we mentioned earlier, they are just junk or cache files and don’t need to be there for the app to function properly.

It is completely safe to delete these files and you can do it whenever you want.

We also recommend our readers to delete their com.google.chrome files from their phones because they might take up storage space that can instead be used for something else.

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