How to fix “No Supported App for this NFC tag” error?

We have seen that users who have upgraded their phones to Android 10 or higher have been facing the issue of the “no supported app for this NFC tag” pop-up on their phones.

This error is quite common in Android devices from manufacturers like Samsung, OnePlus, and even Google itself.

Having said that, this is not really an error in itself. We will explain why its not an error down below.

In this article, we will also explain why you get this annoying pop-up and how you can take steps to dismiss this pop-up once and for all.

What is the “No Supported App for this NFC tag” error on your phone?

As we mentioned earlier, the “No Supported App for this NFC tag” on your phone is not an error in itself.

It comes up on your phone because the Card you have with an NFC tag is finding an app and it is not finding any supported apps which is why the pop-up comes up.

No supported app for this NFC tag
No supported app for this NFC tag

Basically, this pop-up message comes up frequently for users using their phones with a wallet case having NFC cards in it.

Since you have a card that supports NFC, it will detect other NFC reading devices and give you a pop-up message saying that “No Supported App for this NFC tag” has been found.

NFC tags are now common on almost all the cards such as your credit or debit card or even your public transport pass including others.

So this message could be quite annoying as you have to dismiss it every time it pops up on your screen.

How to Fix the “No Supported App for this NFC tag” pop-up on your phone?

As we mentioned earlier, if you are using your phone with a wallet that can store cards inside it then you are most likely to get this pop-up message on your phone.

The best way to not face this pop-up message ever again is to turn off NFC and payment features on your phone.

But we understand that users want to pay with NFC nowadays so turning it off might not be an option.

In that case, we have mentioned the ways in which you can rectify this issue down below.

Fix #1: Register your Cards on Payment apps like Samsung Pay, Google Pay, or Apple Pay.

The issue of “No supported app found for this NFC tag” comes up only because you have not registered the particular card on any payment app such as Samsung Pay, Google Pay, or Apple Pay.

Therefore, the perfect solution to this problem would be to register the NFC card on any of these apps you are using.

Having said that, you can only register your credit or debit cards on these apps but NFC tags are present on public transport and other cards as well.

For that, we have another fix that we have mentioned below.

Fix #2: Use a Wallet with RFID-blocking technology.

Nowadays, with the increase in NFC on cards, there have been way too many card fraud cases as well.

In order to decrease these card frauds, there are card wallets that now come with RFID-blocking technology which means NFC readers can’t detect your cards inside the wallet unless and until you take your card out of the wallet.

So, to avoid random NFC readers reading your cards, you should use RFID-blocking wallets which are available on Amazon.

Fix #3: Place an aluminum sheet between the phone and the card.

If you don’t want to buy a new wallet for your cards then you can add an aluminum sheet between the card and your phone which will also stop the NFC reader from detecting your card’s NFC tag.

This is basically what is used in the RFID-blocking technique as well so this will also do the job.

Wrapping your NFC-tag-equipped cards with aluminum foil paper will also work in blocking them from NFC readers.

Fix #4: Turn off NFC on your device.

If possible, turn off NFC on your device and you will be able to solve the “no supported app for this NFC tag” issue once and for all without spending a penny.

To turn off NFC on your Android device, go to Settings > Bluetooth and Device Connection and then look for the NFC option.

Once the option is found, click on it and disable it so that the NFC reader on your card will be switched off.


In this article, we mentioned how you can avoid the pop-up of “No supported app for this NFC tag” on your phone by using an RFID-blocking wallet, adding your card to the payment app, or even disabling NFC altogether.

We hope that with these solutions, you can stop getting these pop-ups and use your phones as well as your cards without any problems.

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