What are the Colored Buttons on a Samsung TV Remote?

Are you wondering what the colored buttons on a Samsung TV remote do? If yes, you have landed on the right article.

I will explain the real purpose of those colored buttons on a Samsung TV and how you can use them efficiently to enhance your experience while watching a show or movie on your Samsung or any other smart TV.

Now let’s have a closer look at those buttons.

What are the uses of the Colored Buttons on a Samsung TV Remote?

In simple terms, those colored buttons have specific purposes, usually in menus or software, such as controlling your Blu-ray player.

Typically, the different colors are shown at the bottom of the window, explaining what they stand for, such as a visual representation of the yellow “search” button next to the color yellow.

The effects of pressing colored buttons on specific Samsung remote controls vary depending on where you are in the menu system.

They will probably not act at that moment if nothing on the screen shows what they do, and in most cases, the built-in software hasn’t utilized those buttons.

If the menu doesn’t utilize them, your Smart TV may have applications that do, or apps at least offer that option. Because some manufacturers utilize a single remote for several models, your TV might not be able to use them.

What are the Functions of the Colored Button on a Samsung TV Remote?

Samsung TV Remote
Samsung TV Remote

The colored buttons on a Samsung TV remote refer to specific functions or shortcuts. The exact buttons and their functions may vary depending on the Samsung TV model and the remote. However, some standard buttons found on Samsung TV remotes include:

  • Power: Turns the TV on and off.
  • Volume Up/Down: Increases or decreases the volume.
  • Channel Up/Down: Changes the channel.
  • Mute: Silences the TV audio.
  • Source: Allows you to switch between different video inputs, such as cable TV, DVD player, etc.
  • Home: Takes you to the main menu or home screen of the TV’s smart platform.
  • Back: Goes back to the previous screen or menu.
  • Smart Hub: Launches the smart platform of the TV, such as Samsung’s Tizen OS
  • Menu: Brings up the on-screen menu for adjusting TV settings and preferences.
  • Enter/Select: Confirms a selection.
  • Arrows (Up, Down, Left, Right): Navigate the on-screen menu.

It’s essential to check the manual of your specific Samsung TV and remote to know the exact functions of the buttons on your remote.

How do you use the Colored Buttons on a Samsung TV Remote?

The colored buttons on a Samsung TV remote typically serve as shortcut buttons to specific features on the TV.

The exact functionality of each button may vary depending on the model of your Samsung TV and the remote control, but common uses for the colored buttons include quick access to sources, apps, and menus.

For more information on the specific use of the colored buttons on your remote, consult your TV’s user manual or contact Samsung support.

Typically, the remote’s red, green, yellow, and blue buttons can be used for various functions depending on the device being controlled and the user’s preferences.

Here are some common uses of the buttons:

  • Red button: This button is usually used to stop or cancel an action.
  • Green button: This button is often used for a play or start function.
  • Yellow button: This button is commonly used for a secondary function, such as to access more information or extra features.
  • Blue button: This button is often used for advanced functions, such as accessing settings or options.

What is the 123 Color Button on a Samsung TV Remote?

Let’s say you’re watching a Netflix series when you press the ‘123’ button on your Samsung television remote control.

A keyboard appears, allowing you to write the necessary number. This button may also be used to manage the playing of your preferred program. You may use the “123”, “MENU” and “RESET” buttons on the remote control to go through a program.

Your Samsung smart television’s main menu may be accessed more quickly by pressing the “123” button.

This button may switch between your television’s features, such as changing the stations, altering the volume, and selecting input sources. If you push it for more than a second, the TTX menu will appear, and hitting it again will return you to the previous menu.

Meanwhile, you can access the Smart Hub or Home screen by using the 123 color button on a Samsung remote.

This button allows you to access apps, settings, and other features on your Samsung smart TV. It may also be labeled as “Home” or “Smart Hub“.

How Can We Customize Colored Buttons on the Samsung TV Remote?

Most people question me, asking if I can customize colored buttons on the Samsung TV Remote.

But unfortunately, it is not possible to customize the colored buttons on the Samsung TV remote as they are pre-programmed for specific functions and cannot be changed.

The buttons have a standard color and function, which the TV model and the operating system determine.

Bottom Line

Using your Samsung TV remote, you can access more features, enabling the power to enhance your movie-watching experience on your Samsung smart TVs.

Samsung TV remotes are designed to easily control Samsung TVs and provide a user-friendly experience.

Overall, Samsung TV remotes are designed to offer users a seamless and convenient experience, making it easier to control their TV and enjoy their favorite content.

I hope this article helped you to know more about your Samsung TV remote and the purpose of the colored buttons on your Samsung TV remote. Thanks for reading.

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