How To Fix TWRP Asking Password To Decrypt Data?

How to fix twrp asking password to decrypt data

TWRP is a custom recovery image for Android phones. This provides additional functions over the stock recovery image. You can use this software for flashing custom ROMs on your device. You can use this for backing up your device and restoring it. With TWRP you can wipe your device, mount partitions, and also file transfer … Read more

What Does The Blue Dot Mean On Samsung Contacts? 

What does Blue Dot Mean on Samsung Contacts

Samsung is one of the biggest manufacturers of smartphones, tablets, and other electronic gadgets. When compared to other smartphones and tablets, Samsung devices come with added features and functionality to make the experience of users much better. For instance, Samsung introduced the option to see who is online and ready to chat via the Messages … Read more

What Is /storage/emulated/0/? [Complete Guide]

What is Storage Emulated 0 on Android

Have you ever tried copying the path of some file on your phone? Whenever you copy the file path, it will be copied with /storage/emulated/0/ at the beginning of the path. For instance, you are trying to copy a path of the file xyz.png from the Downloads folder. Then it will be copied as /storage/emulated/0/Downloads/xyz.png So what is this /storage/emulated/0/ and why is it … Read more

How To Fix Palm Swipe To Capture Not Working?

Samsung phones and tablets come with a lot of great features. You will find various gestures on your device for various purposes. Apart from that, there are a lot of customization options that you get on Samsung devices, and with Good Lock, you can take customization to its peak. One feature that you get on … Read more

How To Get Someone’s IP From Discord?

How to Get Someone's IP from Discord

Discord is used by gamers(mostly) across the world. Discord forms a community of people having the same interest like gaming, fitness, development, and others. This app is quite popular where you can join servers and chat with others over text message, voice call, and video call.  There might be instances when you want to know … Read more